Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Peanut Butter Contraptions.

It's truly amazing what some people will add to the Peanut Butter Sandwich at Breakfast or any other time. This morning on the XL96 Big Breakfast we found out just how extreme so will go.
Give these a try and get back to us...

-- P.B. W/Bacon on Toast

-- P.B. W/Fluff (Fluuffer Nutter)

-- P.B. W/ Molasses and Banana.

-- P.B. W/ Fried Banana (Elvis Sprcial)

-- P.B. W/ Mustard

-- P.B. W/Mayonnaise and Pickles or Mayo straight up.

-- P.B. W/Cucumber

-- P.B. W/Nutella (Chocolate)

-- P.B. W/Jam and Cheese Slice or Cheez Whiz straight-up.

-- P.B. W/ Ham or Bologna

-- P.B. W/Cold Hot Dog and Fluff

-- P.B. W/Bread and Butter Pickles

-- P.B. W/ Beets

-- P.B. Melted over Cheerios and Milk.



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