Friday, September 14, 2007

Swift Surprise!

I got this great email and thought I'd pass it along. What an amazing surprise!

"On occasion I travel to Halifax on business so when we heard Brad Paisley was coming to Halifax with Rodney Atkins and Taylor Swift we purchased tickets the day they went on sale. My daughters LOVE Taylor Swift and know the words to every song she sings, as well as Rodney Atkins & Brad Paisley's songs! Big Country Fans!

This past Sunday we told them to pack a suitcase as mom had to go to work in Halifax for the night and they were going to be "jigging" school and coming with me so they can tour Halifax with their dad while I was working. We left around noon on Monday, the night of the concert, got to the hotel, went for a quick swim and then for a quick walk to get supper - all this time dad & I were watching the clock so we wouldn't be late. The girls wanted to go for another walk in the pedways and along the boardwalk so we told them after supper because we had to go back to the hotel room for a few minutes as I had forgotten something. We went to the room and then headed out for our "walk" - or so they thought! Along the way we were meeting allot of people so we asked which way to go to the concert (knowing we knew where to go - the girls we ahead of dad who did the asking) - we turned around and went up the elevator with another couple. They asked my girls, "So, who are you here to see?". Neither of my girls knew how to answer him so we told him, they have no idea why we are here, they think I'm working in the morning. The guy in the elevator didn't know what to say or understand at that time we had played a trick on my girls.

Once out of the elevator I heard the lady say, "I'd like to see their faces when they find out who they are here to see." We entered the Metro Center and dad pulled out the tickets to go in, the girls still not knowing who was playing. Once seated, we showed them the ticket with Brad Paisley's name on it and they still didn't know who was playing with him. No one around us was even talking about who the opening acts were. When we told them Taylor Swift was playing, they both screamed and were so excited and appreciative we were thanked the whole night and the whole trip home to Riverview. They sang the whole night long, along with screaming like everyone else, and had a wonderful time attending their first concert.

The other funny part about it is, on the drive to Halifax they were talking about what the word "gullible" meant (I have no idea why) - well on Tuesday morning in the hotel room I told them, you asked what gullible meant, and we said "you guys" - we tricked you good! We got them good!"


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