Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beat the Box Office for Tim and Faith!

Wanna win some tickets to see Tim and Faith at Country Rocks the Hill 2007? Jen and Terry have a pair and you can win them if you know the password. Blogging Wednesdays is back, and Wednesday, April 4th, if you have the password and are listening to the XL 96 Big Breakfast between 7:45am and 8am, they could be yours. Tickets offically go on sale on Friday, April 13th. Beat the box office tomorrow morning with the secret password: Let's Go To Magnetic Hill. (Okay, so it's a secret phrase, sue us.) Be the correct caller through when you hear the cue to call, and tell us the pass phrase to win! Tim and Faith at Country Rocks the Hill 2007, Magnetic Hill, September 1rst. Proudly presented by XL 96fm!


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