Thursday, April 26, 2007

Saluting Administrative Professionals!

Congratulations to Annie Arseanault with the Foundation George Dumont and Charlene, personnel manager at the Plaza Blvd Wal-mart as the winners of our spring bouquets from McAurther's Flower Shop as part of the Big Breakfast salute to Administrative Professionals. After reading all the entries, we wished we'd had more flowers to give out! Here is a sample of some of the entries we recieved....

Our receptionist, Jennifer Hart, has the qualities to juggle her own family and then come to work and manage 8 other lives. Her job at this time of year (tax season) is anything but easy. She must deal with her tired and exasperated co-workers/boss who sometime forget she has her own problems and/or life to deal with. However, when our clients arrive at her desk, she always has a smile and time to listen to their problems, update on their family since last tax season or comfort someone who has lost a family member since last year. The gang here at our office gets wrapped up in our own lives and sometimes forget how valuable she is to our office. So we would be pleased to see Jen be recognized. Grace Armstrong, Allan Eisner, CGA Prof Corp in Sussex.

Thanks to all the administrative professionals out there, we really do appreciate all that you do each day and wouldn't be able to do our jobs without you!


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