Monday, April 30, 2007

Global Warming Song

I found this today on Youtube, thought I would share. I have always loved Raffi. Love that Bananphone.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Facebook Phenom

In recent months Facebook has become the latest and fastest growing Internet phenomenon. Since Millions of Internet users becoming Facebook members who are very willing to post and therefore share some of their most private information; it begs the question who has access to this information and why?

The answer may startle you. Follow the attached link and please turn on your speakers.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Saluting Administrative Professionals!

Congratulations to Annie Arseanault with the Foundation George Dumont and Charlene, personnel manager at the Plaza Blvd Wal-mart as the winners of our spring bouquets from McAurther's Flower Shop as part of the Big Breakfast salute to Administrative Professionals. After reading all the entries, we wished we'd had more flowers to give out! Here is a sample of some of the entries we recieved....

Our receptionist, Jennifer Hart, has the qualities to juggle her own family and then come to work and manage 8 other lives. Her job at this time of year (tax season) is anything but easy. She must deal with her tired and exasperated co-workers/boss who sometime forget she has her own problems and/or life to deal with. However, when our clients arrive at her desk, she always has a smile and time to listen to their problems, update on their family since last tax season or comfort someone who has lost a family member since last year. The gang here at our office gets wrapped up in our own lives and sometimes forget how valuable she is to our office. So we would be pleased to see Jen be recognized. Grace Armstrong, Allan Eisner, CGA Prof Corp in Sussex.

Thanks to all the administrative professionals out there, we really do appreciate all that you do each day and wouldn't be able to do our jobs without you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Big Breakfast Surprise for Administrative Professionals!

Wednesday, April 25th, is Administrative Professionals Day. And the Big Breakfast wants to help you tell that wonderful person in your office how much you appreciate all they do. Send us an email to, subject line Big Breakfast, and tell us about your administrative professional. Jen and Terry will be surprising two lucky administrative professionals on Wednesday morning at their offices with a beautiful spring bouquet from McAurther's Flower Shop. And to all administrative professionals, thanks for everything, our offices would never run without you!

Earth Day Contest!

The XL 96 Big Breakfast is following an Earth Week Theme, and we want to reward you for making a difference in your community! Just email us at subject line Earth Week Contest, and tell us what you've done to improve the earth. Whether it is using energy efficient appliances, cleaning up litter around your yard or neighbourhood, or planting a tree, every little thing helps. And your tips could help inspire others! So email us today with your tips, on Friday we are awarding a fabulous prize pack valued at nearly $100 from Elmwood and Magnetic Hill Home Hardwares, filled with items to help you make your home and garden a little greener!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doc Walker in Studio!!!

Doc Walker in Studio!

After several days of being stuck in Quebec eating poutine due to the April snowstorms that battered most of the US and parts of Ontario and la belle province, the boys from Doc Walker finally were able to make it to Moncton, just in time for their show at the Rockin' Rodeo on April 18th. We were grateful after all they'd just been through that they took time out of their morning to drop by the studio and hang out with Terry and me. After discussions about poutine (the Acadian kind) and the process of making their latest album, they promised a great show and went off in search of some much needed sleep and a good seafood restaurant for lunch.

Walking for Doc Walker Tickets

And the winner is.....

It was a cold, windy morning in the parking lot at the Rockin' Rodeo on April 18th, but that didn't deter Joe, Karen, Joyce and Art from joining Jen at 7:30am in their best track outfits to Walk for Doc Walker tickets. Each person had a pedometer, thanks to Maritime Sports, and walked around the parking lot for a half hour straight. The person with the most steps would be on the exclusive XL 96 guest list to get into the show that night for free, along with a guest. The winner, with 4010 steps, was Art Jones. Art attributes his win to strength, desire, and small steps. Congrats Art, and thanks to Joyce, Joe and Karen, who got lunch at MacDonald's on us for being great sports.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It was an EGGcellent Time!

The XL96.9 Big Breakfast Easter Egg Hunt for Beat The Box Office Tickets was a lot of fun. Thank you to Carole Killam, Carole Colpitts, Crystal Bulmer and Mary Lynn Wilson for participating in our giveaway of Country Rocks The Hill '07 starring Tim & Faith. The ladies all frantically ravaged the plastic eggs until Mary Lynn successfully opened the one containing the Golden Ticket. Thank you ladies for helping to make our Morning. Our three runner-ups each recieved a complimentary XL96 Coffee Mug as a consolation prize.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rocket Pack

So have you ever wanted your own rocket pack? A Mexico based inventor has come up with the first commerically marketed one, and it will only set you back 250 grand! Juan Manuel Lozano says it is an 800 HP rocket, and will launch anyone up to 300 pounds as high as 300 ft in the air. It comes with accessories! A machine to make rocket fuel, hands on training with 10 training flights and 24 hour tech support. More details at For the person in your life who has everything.


The XL96.9 Big Breakfast congratulates Corey Mlls on winning the Beat the Box Office Prize of a pair of Tickets to Country Rocks The Hill /07 for knowing this week's Secret Password. Check out next Tuesday Blog entry for a chance at our next Blogging Wednesday. Join the Big Breakfast tomorrow morning (Apr. 5) for your chance at another pair of tickets to see the concert event of the year...Presented by Today's Best Country XL96.9.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beat the Box Office for Tim and Faith!

Wanna win some tickets to see Tim and Faith at Country Rocks the Hill 2007? Jen and Terry have a pair and you can win them if you know the password. Blogging Wednesdays is back, and Wednesday, April 4th, if you have the password and are listening to the XL 96 Big Breakfast between 7:45am and 8am, they could be yours. Tickets offically go on sale on Friday, April 13th. Beat the box office tomorrow morning with the secret password: Let's Go To Magnetic Hill. (Okay, so it's a secret phrase, sue us.) Be the correct caller through when you hear the cue to call, and tell us the pass phrase to win! Tim and Faith at Country Rocks the Hill 2007, Magnetic Hill, September 1rst. Proudly presented by XL 96fm!